Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn-ic Pumpkin Seeds (Original Recipe)

This is a very interesting recipe, which I tasted not twenty minutes ago; roasted pumpkin seeds. I did not actually make these myself, but I did pull two of them from the mass of pumpkin guts. They are actually quite tasty and twenty minutes ago was the first time I had ever tasted a pumpkin seed. I am not quite sure of the amounts of ingredients, (it would depend on how many pumpkin seeds you had) but it's not that difficult to guess.

What you will need it:

A Pumpkin

Plenty of Salt


Olive Oil (other oils would work, I particularly like olive oil)

First, gut your pumpkin, and remove all of the seeds from its orange yuckyness (I don't think that's a word). Then soak your seeds in salt water for around ten minutes. Meanwhile: cover a cookie sheet with your oil. Don't put it on too thickly, but enough to grease the bottom. Remove your pumpkin seeds from the water, and place them on the oiled cookie sheet. Sprinkle salt over the seeds, and bake them in an oven at around 355 degrees for 10 minutes.  Remove, and let cool.


  1. Congratulations to Libby on the first roasted pumpkin seed tasting!

  2. I am baking our last pumpkins today, and am happy that this recipe was on hand. I'm super excited to see how the seeds will turn out!


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