Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fudgy Hot Chocolate

It's snowing. Again. I really dislike cold temperatures when it's supposed to be spring, espcecially when I am out of hot chocolate mixes.

It was so sad..., staring blankly into a cupboard containing no hot chocolate. Snow was pouring down, and I was about to go mix cocoa and sugar together in hopes of forming a *sort* of hot chocolate. Yes, I would have resorted to that disgusting thing.

However, an idea struck me, a brilliant wonderful delicious idea. I forged this fudgy recipe in my despair from lack of chocolate. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Fudgy Hot Chocolate:

Yield: 1 serving (unless you're nice and you share it)

Prep: 2 min
Cook: 2 min
Ready in: 4 min


1 cup lofat milk

2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips

2 teaspoons half and half

1 tablespoon powdered sugar


Heat half and half with chocolate chips for 30 seconds in a microwave safe bowl. Stir in powdered sugar.

Heat milk for 1 minute 30 seconds. Stir chocolate mixture into hot milk, being sure to thoroughly mix it until smooth. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow! Sounds amazing. I totally have to try that today when I'm low on sugar (in other words sick of home work) ;)


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